Our religion prescribes, and actually demands that we constantly learn and refine ourselves as the servants of Allah (Swt). For many of us this learning comes from commemorating the lives of Rasulallah (saaw) and the Ahl Al-Bayt (as) through milad and majlis, who are the living and breathing embodiment of the Holy Quran. However seeking knowledge is Wajib on us and one should continuous strive to get it. Also, as one of the Two Weighty Things, it is incumbent on us to learn Holy Quran and apply in our lives.

Br. Hussain has over 15 years of Islamic education in various subjects.  He has taught more than 150 students with successful course completion. He provides high quality, individual 1 to 1, private tuition will full attention.

May Allah (Swt) ease your learning and open the doors of Knowledge and shower abundant blessings on you. Thank You for visiting this Website!